Rocket Singh…

…should be in jail. That, at least, is my assessment.

[Spoiler Alert]

Saw the movie last night and liked Ranbir Kapoor. The guy has talent and is earnest. Blah Blah. So we like him.

But the story? A newbie, all ethical and hopeful, refuses to bribe a client, files a complaint, ruins a client relationship and earns the wrath of his boss. Boss runs him down in public and Mr Rocket pledges perseverance and predicts the victory of hard-work and righteousness.

And how does he achieve all this? By covertly launching a new company and diverting business with stolen phone numbers and equipment. He cultivates disgruntled employees and persuades them to become “partners” in his new venture. No employees, only partners. Cornfest.
They differentiate themselves from the competition through a 24-hour service offering and customer-centric focus, which, you guessed it, are his current employer’s shortcomings.

When the vindictive boss finds out, one would assume he would throw the full weight of the Indian Penal Code on their renegade heads. But no – he buys off the “Rocket” brand and predictably cannot sustain the work ethic of its original owners. And so the story meanders towards its customary happy ending.

Honesty as a theme is touched upon very briefly in the form of the disapproving Rocket Dad who can’t believe the kind of trouble his son has gotten into. That thread is truncated abruptly with Rocket Singh admonishing his father for not teaching him dishonesty as a youngster. WTF?

And so I enjoyed the performances but struggled to relate to the plot. What Rocket and Co did was to betray trust – an employer’s offer of employment – and use it to create a base of business which then grew thanks to their service. And the justification? Rocket only tapped lapsed clients and was going to “pay back” all expenses related to phones, transportation, etc, anyway.

Colossal BS.

As the ad goes: phone calls 25,000 Rs, Using company vehicles to transport your equipment 1,50,000 Rs, using your workstation to build a rival company 2,50,000 Rs.

The trust you betray – priceless.



3 responses to “Rocket Singh…”

  1. daddysan says :

    Thanks Monika! I promise to post more often too, just as soon as something else pisses me off :)

  2. monikamanchanda says :

    i loved the way u ended it priceless :D

    PS: I missed all the posts now today when I came to grab a link I realised I havent updated the reader with ur wordpress id… very remiss of me I tell u

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