Google autosuggest…

…could be an amazing service to the MR community. Its ability to rummage through the detritus of everyday searches and compile the most relevant strings is quite cool.

How about wanting to understand the most common actual or perceived traits of a country’s people?

Try this –

Go to Google

Type in: Why are

Then enter a nationality of interest. Sit back and enjoy.

Imagine the number of people wondering the following about Indians:

why are Indians so smart

so ugly

so cheap

so obsessed with fairness.

And this is just I can’t wait to peruse results when I get back to Atlanta and access

No wonder these autosuggests make regular appearances on EpicFail.

Happy stereotyping everyone!



2 responses to “Google autosuggest…”

  1. Sanjeev says :

    Be it or from US, seems you get the same results: “smart, smelly, ugly, cheap, obsessed with fairness, afraid of dogs, so racist, so rich, vegetarion”…and the intriguing “why are indians called indians”. Clearly, Columbus was confused and some are still confused! ;-)

    • Daddysan says :

      You should try the Indians search in It has one additional string “why are Indian girls so pretty”. Agree :)

      And has some funny results for “why are”. The best one is, “why are you learning English”

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