Advice to my Tyke

I’m not old enough to have all the answers but I’m not too young to give advice either. So I was thinking of the ten most important things I’d like my Tyke to keep in mind for the rest of his life.  I know he’ll always have lots of advice. He’ll even start blocking it out as he grows up :). But if a few of these stay with him, it’s all good.

-When you love, do it with trust. It may not work out but you’ll never get anywhere by holding back.

-Follow your dreams. But if you ever feel like you’re in a rut, drop the damn thing and come home. We’re always there for you, no matter what. We’ll help you figure it out.

-Love what you do. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it isn’t unlawful.

-Pick up a sport. It’s the best way to build strength and character.

-Listen to your mother. When you get married, listen to your wife.

-Practice safe sex.

-Earn enough for daily sustenance and a little bit towards your future. Spend the rest of it traveling. Nothing else helps you break out of the cocoon of your ego as the experiences you’ll have across the world. (Think of Douglas Adams’ Total Perspective Vortex)

-Speak up. At work, in your personal life. Nothing can ever be gained from procrastination.

-If you want to experiment and are afraid, ask us. We’ve done shit in our time too and we promise to be objective and understanding.

-Take care of yourself. Don’t forget that you are literally a part of us running amok in the world.



21 responses to “Advice to my Tyke”

  1. Rohan says :

    Great list. Nice post. Best wishes to the tyke. Point no 3, how will you balance that with the need to stand on his feet?

  2. Luv says :

    Speak up, & listen as well. Thats nice. I listened & then spoke…and my GF ran away. Hope he has better luck :P

    For me point 3 sort of summarizes the whole thing.

  3. tushar says :

    at around which age wd u expect him to take up pt. six?

  4. Dibyo says :

    11. Read more than you write. Listen more than you say.

  5. Giribala says :

    He will learn more by watching you follow these, rather than listening to you.

    • daddysan says :

      Agree. I was telling a couple of people that some of these are based on mistakes I made, was hoping I could pass on that info asap :)

  6. gawker says :

    Nice. Writing is good too. Gives you something to read back later on in life and realize what an ass you were.

  7. Solilo says :

    Came here through Gauri’s tweet. Good ones. Love Point 2.

    Forty-two :)

  8. Patrix says :

    Now get someone to add music on the lines of “Wear Sunscreen”

  9. g says :

    Print this and “hide” it where he’d stumble upon it himself. Else he’ll never realize how lucky he is.

    Nice :)

  10. Joy says :

    Spend the rest of it traveling.
    And if books are still around at the time, on reading. :)

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