O Lord, Pay Heed to my Appeal

Every once in a while a song comes along that embeds itself in every part of your consciousness. @venkatananth tweeted this superb rendition of “Mori Araj Suno” by Tina Sani on the Pakistani TV show Coke Studio.

Everything comes together so beautifully. The subtle music arrangement, the raaga, Tina’s gritty, soaring voice and the brilliant words, part despair part hope. It reminded me of how my grandfather used to sing. Needless to say the song got me pretty emotional. What to do.




4 responses to “O Lord, Pay Heed to my Appeal”

  1. Anirban says :

    That is a great song… thanks for sharing. Tina Sani’s voice has changed so much over the decades.

    By the way, Have you heard Zila Khan’s “Ishq ki Navee Bahar”? That is a pretty awesome album.

  2. Aquatic Static says :

    It got to all of us bad…what wonderful arrangement also. Fusion that only lifts the song higher, doesn’t drown it in ‘Westerness’. Love it.

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