Steve Wonder

I just caught Apple’s iPhone explanatory conference.

Steve Jobs did it again.

I’m not a fan of his terse emails or the PR facade he frequently hides behind but when you watch him conducting a session personally (Steve, not me) it is clear to see why he is such a formidable businessman.

The session was superbly orchestrated to the T. First he bashed reception issues in all phones, then stated the smartphone industry as a whole has to think of a better way to make antennae. Having established collective guilt he reiterated that to Apple at least, the customer is king. So despite the fact that you couldn’t pin the blame on Apple, they were willing to go the extra mile to make you all STFU.

Free cases for all. No-hassles returns for all if you’re STILL not satisified with the phone. And really, if you don’t like it don’t buy it in the first place.

His team had put together some pretty compelling numbers to make Apple look like rockstars. Even following an Engadget liveblog couldn’t mask the fact that Steve looked totally in control.

Or as I tweeted, t3h_pwnz0rrmaximillian

He isn’t a messiah. He isn’t Jebus. He’s a very astute, forceful businessman who uses the sheer force of his charisma to make the fanboys swoon and the naysayers call it a “religion”.

But hey, I’ll take that over this anyday.



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