Can I Have One Order of Team Please?

So Ferrari clinched a 1-2 in spectacular fashion in Hockenheim today. Spectacular not because of the speed of the cars but because “team orders” reared its ugly head again.

I don’t need to recount the race, there are enough websites to go to for that. As I saw it, Alonso was clearly the faster of the two and I have no doubt there would’ve been some wheel-to-wheel action had things been allowed to take their own course. As Eddie Jordan summed it up nicely afterwards, “We’ve been cheated out of some genuine racing action by this horrible Ferrari decision.”

Of course Stefano Domenicali insisted Felipe Massa moved over of his own accord. I believe him. Why won’t Felipe Massa move over for the faster car keeping in mind that he’s the number 2 driver in the team? I’m sure he also regularly goes over to Alonso’s trailer and pays hafta after every race.

How utterly stupid.

The stewards in the race clearly didn’t buy any of this claptrap and fined Ferrari a princely sum of 100K USD, which one of Ferrari’s patron sheikhs from Bahrain would be carrying as pocket money anyway.

Providing further proof that Alonso is the biggest opportunist around and will take victories any way they come, with any team, is this picture. Clearly no Michael Schumacher-in-Austria-late-in-the-day-remorse for him.

Unfortunately I still love the team, but I’m reconsidering its people. I’ll raise a glass to less embarrassing victories for the rest of the season.



2 responses to “Can I Have One Order of Team Please?”

  1. Merin Mandanna says :

    Ah, similar worries here. Tifosi ,also a Schumacher fan. I can’t show my face in F1 circles no more.

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