My Social Media Iceberg

Note: Image from Not courtesy them. But who’s reading this blog anyway.



19 responses to “My Social Media Iceberg”

  1. gautam (@gtamfreak) says :

    It is like you just read my effin’ mind. Kudos bro.

  2. Bandragirl says :

    Wow! This is very cool.

  3. OutOfOrder says :

    Daddy San! I am liking your pictoral explanations. After all a pic is worth a thousand words!

    One day whats beneath the surface will be visible to all – thats when we will be in trouble.

    May our FB friends never find us on Twitter – Amen!

  4. Bhel says :

    The philosophy of social media. Good one, and one I can tottally relate to. :-)

  5. Haroon Riaz says :

    It is the part under water that matters after all.

  6. ± says :

    You missed a very important part of both ends of the iceberg – Pent up hornies.

    Otherwise, thand padd gayee :)

  7. Anupam says :


  8. Aquatic Static says :

    Priceless!! And so, so true. The negativity bit especially – the absolute abysmal low. Brilliant.

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