A typical AT&T call experience

So I use AT&T. Only because it’s tethered to my iPhone. (Haha, see what I did there? Made an ironic joke about a service that AT&T doesn’t offer!)

Making a call on the AT&T network is like playing a game. A very familiar game.

(The numbers in the boxes represent the duration of the call)



2 responses to “A typical AT&T call experience”

  1. Anirban says :

    Hilarious! I was just traveling for work. I was in the center of Boston, a hub for tech and my AT&T phone showed that I had “two bars” in my hotel room. During that time I couldn’t make or receive any calls.

    Of course, the hotel didn’t mind. They pocketed a hefty amount for the calls I made on their land-line.


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