One of the most exciting accounts I’ve discovered on Twitter is @kweezzz. As the name suggests, it is a handle which organizes quizzes. The account itself was concieved and executed by @sidvee. If you know how Twitter works, the concept is easy to understand. Different users get to organize quizzes, usually running from an hour to two by logging into @kweezzz and tweeting their questions. If you’re online, just log on, follow @kweezzz and you’re set. When you want to answer a question, hit reply to the tweet and it’s done.


Why do I like it so much? Some reasons below

It is a fantastic source of information, like any quiz

The content that can bolster a question is truly rich and involves text, pictures, music, video, all easily accessible on the internet.

It leverages the best characteristic of Twitter (in my opinion), namely content meritocracy. People stay tuned to you because of the quality of the content. This form of quizzing is sans the hoopla, hype and tediousness of a regular, real-world quiz…

…which brings me to point four. It’s FREE! There are no charges to enter, no cost to organize it and you don’t need to haul ass to a physical location to participate…

…which bring me to point five. It’s for everyone. Anyone. Hence its continuous reach is high. For example, in less than a month and a half, the account has garnered more than 1000 followers. Many quizzes have regulars participating which indicates that the recall factor is also good.

You have a smorgasbord of topics to choose from. General, F1, Asterix, Mumbai, Rebus, Films, Cricket. Kweezzz has a calendar up on display which shows you the schedule for the quizzes. Choose the one you’re interested in and participate.

Creater @sidvee puts forth more reasons why this account is so compelling; discovering like-minded people, among others.

The account has garnered media mentions and ignited a debate on Twitter. Two overarching questions have emerged:

1. What does the average user gain from this exercise? ie why participate?

2. Where do we go from here?

To answer the first question I’ll pose a counter-question. Why participate in any quiz? Part of the answer is of course, the money. When I used to actively quiz many years back, the moolah was much appreciated. However, I think it is, and will always be, the innate joy of being the bigger smartass, the recognition from peers. You KNOW something. YEAH.

If you ignore my facetious tone, I actually mean what I wrote. The gratification factor is higher and regular on Twitter because you can always try your luck at a quiz everyday and someone’s always watching. You get mentioned, your name is preserved for posterity. In the US Library of Congress, no less.

“@xyz just cracked this question with a FANTASTIC answer folks! Super!”

If you’re @xyz furiously refreshing your ‘mentions’ page, you’re telling me that tweet won’t warm the cockles of your heart? Come ooooooon!

I say keep it pure and simple. You answer, you’re right, you get a high. You answer, you’re wrong, who cares? You just participated in a collective. Isn’t that what social media’s all about anyway?

The second, and more pertinent question. What now? Well, keep increasing the flock I say. Thousands of wise, educated, secret publicity-whores can’t be a bad thing. Again, jokes apart, the next step is more participation. First, it will lead to more content. Second, the interactive nature of the account implies a tighter, well-connected group that shares information quickly and cohesively.

Of course, as the cause gets bigger it will need better administration. One of the add-ons I recommend is a rating system for quizmasters. A lot of regulars set questions and conduct quizzes. To keep the quality of content high, all @kweezzz followers should be allowed to vote for the quizmaster in a reddit-style format. This will ensure the outliers stay outliers instead of creeping in regularly with questions that are poorly researched, or even attempt to encite participation through the mention of prizes.

The first step to evangelize the account is already in place. Kweezzz has a Facebook page. I’m proud to be part of the first wave of supporters of this movement and I urge you to participate too.

Show your love for kweezzz with a “Like” on the Facebook page and a follow on the Twitter page.

And don’t worry, you can thank Kweezzz later :)



4 responses to “Kweezzz”

  1. Ashish says :

    The down side of following @Kweezzz was that my timeline was flooded uncessarily when I wasnt interested in the quiz topic or agenda…the problem for me was that I could nto selectively participate or chose to ignore the one that were not interesting for me….

    • daddysan says :

      Yes, of course..but one always has the option of unfollowing if the signal to noise ratio (for you) is going down. Refollow later when there’s a topic that interests you.

  2. Bhel says :

    I don’t know whether to feel good about being wise, or offended about being a publicity-whore. :p

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