Who’s This God Person Anyway?

…asked Oolon Colluphid in a book from his blockbuster trilogy questioning the existence and highlighting the general futility of such a concept.

I concur, but partly.  I’m not an atheist. It’s just that I don”t believe in idle worship or idol worship. I DO believe in a higher power though. I think of this higher power as a force that binds everything together. Not the Newtonian or Van Der Waal kinds. Those are simply manifestations.

The point I’m making is, it’s all interconnected (maybe something that fits in with the concept of Karma). Bad stuff has happened in my life, but on so many occasions it has all just come together beautifully at the end of that phase. (These phases are ascribed terms like “saade-saati“, used by astrologers to describe a period of life when you seem to be having a totally shit time.) The way these phases segued into wonderful periods of blooming happiness is quite similar to the way a casually dropped cowpat becomes manure, fertilizes a patch of ground and hey presto, a flower. And just as there is a science, an explanation for why the ground gets fertilized and allows the flower to bloom, I believe there is a science behind how those days, months or even years of bad events resolve themselves into peace and clarity.

And destiny? Sure I believe in destiny. But then, why bother living if your life is like a book with all pages printed and ready to go? That’s because the business of living, struggling, celebrating, enjoying each moment is the same as turning the pages of that book. If you refuse to make the effort to turn a page, you will remain where you are. Dull and lifeless. Those are the people about whom the world whispers “Had potential. Don’t know where he went wrong.” Maybe you were destined to be dull and lifeless, in which case the subsequent pages of your book would be blank or wouldn’t exist. But how will you know if you don’t make the effort, eh?

Fucked up, I know.

I’m aware I pen this perspective from the narrow and selfish confines of my own life. That is because I don’t have the time, a better informed opinion, nor the intellectual capacity to ponder upon a generalized phenomenon that explains life in its myriad inanities. Some may argue that this myopic view nullifies the validity of my beliefs. But my beliefs aren’t open to questioning if they aren’t stepping on your toes.

Moreover, I think of my beliefs as empirical observations. It would be great if these were proven true but even if they never are, I don’t care.

Whatever rocks my boat.



10 responses to “Who’s This God Person Anyway?”

  1. AntarYaami says :

    Interesting rant (?)

    I have had these elderly-fueled arguments with myself on God(s) and I do subscribe to the point about beliefs being empirical observations.

    While being raised, parents use religion a fanciful way of imparting a value system, and yet when you observe those very value systems being destroyed or abused, inducing ‘suffering’, you being to question.

    It is that doubt that shapes one’s perspective towards future observations.
    You can either think , this is God punishing like mummy told me the other day, OR say, hmm so that thing mom said wasn’t all that great, I’d like to form my own opinion (sic).

    Personally, I think more than belief its doubt that shapes a person. And all interconnections, coincidences can be questioned.

    Would recco a read of God’s Debris, by Scott Adams if you haven’t already.


    • daddysan says :

      Thanks for stopping by mate! It’s not a rant. More of trying to articulate my thoughts to un-confuse myself and take a stand.

      You make a superb point. As parents we’re beginning to evaluate the best way to impart values to our child. Religion, because of its history, conditioning and ubiquity, appears to be the fastest and most efficient bet. That is what our parents did with us.

      It is through constant repetition and reinforcement that these values get drilled into our heads. Unfortunately it happens in the garb of religion which I’d like to avoid. But I would like my child to have a questioning nature which will reconcile observations with teachings.

      I mean, how do I teach a toddler about “higher power” and interconnectedness?

  2. Giribala says :

    Yeah, whatever rocks your boat! All of us have our own private universes besides the one that we share.

  3. Anirban says :

    Interesting post and I know quite a few people who have agnostic beliefs (including me around 5 years ago).

    Right now I don’t consider myself only an atheist, but a Hindu atheist.

    To explain that one would take time, so I’ll save it for another day.

    (btw loved your mention of Mahipal in the #shenoy story. Inspired me to insert Mahipal as often as I can too).


  4. Purnima Rao says :

    It’s perspective, right? Some of us are able to see patterns & interconnectedness, others might call this need to connect everything, a human weakness. For me, logic & faith aren’t separate but 2 sides of the same coin. For others, they are 2 completely separate things. As you said – ‘Whatever rocks your boat.’ :)

    • daddysan says :

      Iss surat seh
      Arz sunatay
      Dard batatay
      Nayya khaitay
      Minnat kartay
      Rasta taktay
      Kitni sadiyaan beet gai hain
      Ab jakar yeh bhaid khulla hai
      Jis koh tum ne arz guzari
      Jo tha haat pakarnay waala
      Jis jaag laagi nao tumhaari
      Jis say dukh ka daaroo manga
      Toray mandir may joh nahin aaya
      Woh tau tum heen thay
      Woh tau tum heen thay

      As you say, it is perspective.

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