The Twitter Criticism Flow-Chart

So you’ve just been criticized on Twitter. Relax, here’s how you can deal with it.



19 responses to “The Twitter Criticism Flow-Chart”

  1. aditrupz says :

    shouldn’t there be a direct line that says “dont give a damn about it” which leads to “CONTINUE whatever happens DONT CHANGE” … i would go for that … :) atleast on twiiter – Trupz

  2. Giribala says :

    ha ha… great! I need to check what’s going on in the Twtterverse.

  3. K. A. Bodhi Reddy says :

    One’s perspiration becomes someone else’s inspiration. You are awesome my friend.

  4. Aquatic Static says :

    Lemme guess: the majorbuttretd thing? Now, all curiosity is coming….
    Full laughter is also coming.

  5. Saurin Parikh says :

    I know first hand what being criticized on Twitter feels like.
    And I may also have inspired this post, eh? ;)

  6. Gargi Mehra says :

    Hilarious! I’m drawing non-funny diagrams like this at work the whole day, so I kind of appreciate this one!

  7. Hit Wicked says :

    Great Guidelines. :D

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