The Pursuit of Happiness

“It’s a long story” she blushed. The group reluctantly egged her on because that was protocol. “Ok then, if you insist!” A few groans that should’ve been stifled, weren’t, and audibly hung around the congregation like a bunch of irritating mosquitoes.

“Well, as I was saying, I met him and fell in love with him. But you see things didn’t sit well with…..”


“…But anyway, it all worked out in the end and we were married that November in a low-key ceremony in the local court. Mostly because our parents just couldn’t be arsed to pay for another elaborate ceremony. We moved into a cozy house and settled down. Things were good for a while but a year into our marriage he started spending more time alone. The last thing I needed was more trouble between us so I asked him what was the matter. He said I talked too much and was histrionic. My voice was beginning to grate his nerves to powder and I needed something to take the edge off. That’s when he pushed a glass towards me. It contained scotch. He said it would calm me down.

I took a sip and it felt like angels had descended with heaters to warm the cockles of my heart. Suddenly real life didn’t matter anymore. I was happy. So happy. Then I decided to please him and be happy most of the day. He’d get up and I’d be happy. He’d ask for his tea but I’d be too happy to fetch it for him. He’d want to go for a walk and I’d totter along happily, which made him quite unhappy. It got to a point where he threw away all the bottles and even went all Darjeeling on me. Unbelievable!

I started sneaking out to get some more happy-juice. He used to return home puzzled at my unabated happiness. Then he realized what was going on and enrolled both of us immediately.

So… we are!”

The group stared at her, then at each other and so on. Eventually someone deemed it was appropriate to signal some form of approval, if only to stem any further cathartic tides, and clapped. After all, everyone had their own sob story too. And theirs was more important.

The group disbanded for the evening and solemnly head out the door. The coordinator caught the man and woman just in time before they disappeared into the night.

“Listen, I’m so proud both of you joined and actually turned up for the session. Please keep this going, I assure you Alcoholics Anonymous is here to help.”

So much water under the bridge. After everything they had been through, dealing with challenges was a way of life. The key to doing it was together. Devdas turned to Paro and smiled. For once, there was hope, peace and much happiness. Without the happy-juice.



10 responses to “The Pursuit of Happiness”

  1. Anirban says :

    It is an interesting situation. I always like “what-if” alternate endings since they challenge the author to be really creative.

    The hard part at least for me is to keep it going long enough but not too long… you’ve balanced that out very well.

    Now, I’ve got a question for you: what would have happened if Buddha had been put on anti-depressants immediately after he saw the crippled man, the dead man, the sick man, and the holy man?


    • daddysan says :

      No No NOOOO! I must not be inspired to write another one!

      Jokes apart, like I was telling Kd and Aquatic Static above, the story was much longer but I showed it to the Wife who said it was easy to figure out who I was talking about, so I cut a few parts out.

  2. Kd says :

    The part where she describes their story was really good, and smooth like a fine scotch whiskey! It rendered a beautiful imagination of a small movie seen in flash forward. Loved it. Keep Writing.

    • daddysan says :

      Heh, thanks! Yes I like to be descriptive. The Paro monologue was much longer but in retrospect it seems like a good decision to have kept it to this length.

  3. Aquatic Static says :

    Wow. No really: wow. Like Amrith said, I did not see that coming. Now I’m feeling all warm & fuzzy & hopeful inside. So glad this is the first thing I read this morning.

    • daddysan says :

      Super encouragement that comment is.

      Initially I wanted to start with the DevD and Paro context but felt that would’ve taken away the fun and I would have been compelled to describe their domesticity in more detail, which I had no time for.

  4. bhel says :

    Wah wah – I am trying to decide who I would rather see see in a 12-step program: Shah Rukh or Dilip Kumar. Either way, this sequel will be far more interesting than the original. :-)

  5. Amrith says :

    Oh brilliant! I did not see that coming. Dev-D means Devdas. Superb.


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