There was a tiny flash in a far-flung corner somewhere in the mainframe. An electrical impulse made its way from one far-flung corner to another equally far-flung corner. On the way they handed out the electrical impulse equivalent of a “high-five” to a few others who promptly set off to spread the good word in their own far-flung corners. On the way many of them stopped to reminisce around some old hangouts, sadly decrepit now. It was difficult to say what might have been there….just vestiges of their former selves. Still, the impulses imbibed some of that nostalgia and head out again, refreshed.

In this way a merry chain was set in motion with lots of high-fives going around. Many of them eventually landed up at the same place; the transmogrifier headquarters. At the HQ the mainframe impulses all lined up and transferred their high-fives to the transmogrifier impulses who then sped away down a set of long tubes towards the actual transmogrifier.

Many of the impulses were still feeling nostalgic and all muddled from their stop at the run-down hangouts of yore. However, the transmogrifier was getting close and they’d better get their act together. Eventually they reached the transmogrifier and met their brethren who were waiting with outstretched hands; like one-half of a tag-team. The incoming impulses passed on the high-fives, but being all nostalgic and exuberant did so in haste. The transmogrifier impulses were taken aback. This wasn’t very clear. What did they mean? But rules were rules and unlike these impulses from the mainframe who considered themselves too good to socialize with others, the transmogrifier impulses were lowly workers with a job to do. And that job was to speed on down and collide with the Musicians. The Musicians were a versatile bunch of characters. Some of them played percussion, others played string instruments and some even helped wave a large red flag. The exact function of the flag was unknown to the impulses that collided with its operators but theirs was not to question why.

Eventually the Musicians got on with their symphony and the flag-wavers waved it around vigorously. To someone observing this from a distance the end result noticed would’ve been a series of waves traveling through the air which would hit another contraption manned by the Listeners. The Listeners would stand right in front of each incoming wave which would make them dance in a unique way. Then they would make their way up a series of tubes and perform for the all-important impulses of the mainframe. These impulses would interpret that funny dance and make their way to different parts of the mainframe.

And so the cycle would repeat.

However, this time the mainframe was catching some other impulses. They were coming from the keepers of the Binoculars. A projectile was headed their way and something HAD to be done! The mainframe quickly sent out more impulses to the two great Lifters. As a result the Lifters moved as fast they could towards the structure that held the mainframe.

Jimmy knew a split-second after he said it that it was the wrong thing to say. And Rita was furious. So furious that it had become necessary for Jimmy to protect his face from the vase she had just flung at him.

He KNEW bringing up the past was never a good idea. Why had he said that? He couldn’t even REMEMBER exactly what had happened then anymore.

The biggest problem with saying the wrong thing is that it FEELS so right when you’re saying it.

Maybe it was an impulse.



8 responses to “Impulse”

  1. Anirban says :

    Nice! Can we have some chemical cocktails thrown into the mix too?


    • daddysan says :

      Hehe, this is amateur night as far as the science is concerned. Stayed away from details I knew you’d massacre me for.

      • Anirban says :

        You know, this piece works for me, like science fiction, precisely because it is elusive. There will always be other venues for cold facts, but I like that imagination rules the roost in this one.

  2. bhel says :

    Wah Daddy san, wah – a delightful mix of high-tech and human relationships. Absolutely loved the line “The biggest problem with saying the wrong thing is that it FEELS so right when you’re saying it.”

  3. Amrith says :

    Oh brilliant! Quite brilliant!
    I know not what impulse got you to write this, but it was an absolutely inspired one!
    Superb, sir!


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