“Was it something I said?”

Sheila was having a wonderful conversation. She’d called her friend over because she felt like talking and now both of them were chatting over cups of hot coffee. Sheila was discussing the day’s events and catching up on gossip. Between discussing Jason’s abs and the latest episode of Glee, they also spoke about stuff at work. Sheila’s friend worked with her and was a tremendous source of support and guidance. After getting some work-related stuff out of the way they spent time bitching about the boss.

Then Sheila asked her about some missing accounting codes and noticed that her friend’s expression suddenly changed. She went sullen and quiet. Sheila was puzzled and thought she may have said the wrong thing and tried to change the subject but to no avail. Her friend sat there grumpy and unresponsive. Then Sheila offered to fetch her another cup of coffee but her friend just made a face and turned away. Thinking this must be a colossal misunderstanding of some sort Sheila frantically enquired what was wrong.

Many moments of silence passed. Sheila shook her head, frustrated and puzzled that the conversation suddenly seemed to have taken a turn for the worse.

There was only one thing left to do.

She grabbed a bat from the cupboard, walked over to her friend and smashed her hard across the head. Her friend fell unconscious instantly.

A little later Sheila got a glass of cold water and threw it on her friend’s face, who woke up with a start.

“Are you OK?” asked Sheila.

“Uhhhhhh! What happened?!” said her friend.

“I don’t know! You went crazy for a minute back there!”

“I don’t remember anything except for this splitting headache! Owww!”

Sheila apologized profusely. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know what else to do!”

“Well nevermind. Where were we?”

Sheila heaved a sigh of relief and went to fetch two more cups of coffee. Jason’s abs weren’t going to drool over themselves.

Note: Imagine yourself as Sheila. Imagine her friend as your Windows-powered laptop. What I’ve just described is a typical, and frequent,  reboot experience. Muhahahahaha! Yes, I did.



7 responses to ““Was it something I said?””

  1. Vivek says :

    haha! mad stuff!

  2. Overrated Outcast says :


  3. Purnima Rao says :

    After reading this story I attacked my father’s laptop with a cricket bat and now I am homeless.

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