Flowchart: Dealing with an India-Pakistan cricket match

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Folks, today’s the World Cup semifinal between India and Pakistan. If you’re unsure of your role in this momentous event (and other such momentous events in the future), here is a flowchart with key players. I hope you find it fun and useful.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of the author who has his tongue firmly in his cheek. Pakistani fans, I’m partly pulling your leg. After all, it is Rameez Raja who keeps saying “Pakistan have a great betting lineup”. (lol j/k)

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36 responses to “Flowchart: Dealing with an India-Pakistan cricket match”

  1. sagarkatara says :

    Hahaha Funny. Nice.

  2. Mehwish Khan says :

    thnxs :-) its really nice…. :-) thnxs again

  3. Pokemon Rumble Blast 3DS says :

    Well done, must have taken alot of time up.

  4. Jatkesha says :

    Brilliant :D

  5. deny saputra says :

    Nice blog, keep up your work man! I think many people should learn how to blogging with you! hahaha

  6. Ashok Raj says :

    RTed and invokes mother ans Sisters :)

  7. Chirag Chamoli says :

    This is quite simple brilliant!

  8. pulkit says :


  9. Jil Jil Ramamani says :

    Bwahahahahahahahaaha. Hahahah! :D

  10. Gargi Mehra says :

    Good one!

  11. Vijay says :

    Too good! Just this morning I told a friend that Twitter will probably be the best place to follow the match and after reading your post I have to admit it is! Arguably the best read I’ve come across. More power to you!

  12. ladynimue says :

    awesome !!! :D
    No rule for ones who do not watch cricket ??

  13. trupz says :

    daddy – sa you an awesomely crazy humorous guy – loved this post

  14. Bilal says :

    very good but if you want read more about this big matched visit http://www.newsbrunch.com

  15. EG says :

    Hahahaha!! Good One :)

  16. Sameer Volvoicar says :


  17. vadakkus says :

    I followed your instructions and RT’d this post :) Awesome work, by the way! :)

  18. Sunkey says :

    hahaha! good one.

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