Kiddo, you’re three. It’s time you and I had a talk. I heard you use a word the other day which amused and startled me. Amused to hear you use it so effortlessly and startled because I couldn’t believe a journey to understanding its true meaning could begin so early.

As you’re reading this, assume I’ve just taken a deep breath to compose myself. You said wuv. (Of course, you meant “love” but you said “wuv”.) Actually, I’m responsible. I noticed the curious look you gave us when you first began to comprehend our effusive fawning. You weren’t speaking much at the time but I’m sure you stored it away for future use. A few months later, here we are. I say it to you and you selflessly reply with a cheery air “I wuv you too!”. What does it mean to you? It probably means a patient ear, unconditional support, clean clothes and food right now. (Actually, that’s everything you’ll ever really need.)

As you get older your peers, and even I, will complicate your life by introducing the joy of inanimate objects. Trains, cars, airplanes, zippo lighters, bikes, stamps. That is a different kind of wuv. It is a wuv which is one-sided because those objects stoke your passion but they take a lot out of you in terms of time and money and they don’t say “I wuv you” back. Carefully choose where you invest your passion.

Notable exceptions are books and  music. They’re not inanimate. They give back in indescribable ways. Wuv them with
all your heart because they will see you through good times and bad.

There will come a time when your friends will mean everything to you. You’ll even wuv them more than us, and that’s OK. You’ll know a good friend from a friend when they wuv you for the person you are. That is a wuv of support, steadfastness and camaraderie. Just like the music and books I spoke of, they’ll support you through the challenges of life.

Then one day you’ll be really really courageous and you’ll say “I wuv you” to someone else. Just like those inanimate objects, they may not say it back. Don’t let it get to you. Don’t be afraid of saying it again. Let me also clarify I’m not the best person to dole out this advice. I’ve been a failure in this department, in fact, responding in the positive when someone else finally said it to me out of utter frustration. Nonetheless, that is a different kind of wuv, because you’ll be doing things for someone else, and they for you.

But do remember, no matter when you say it, or whom you say it to, always say it with the same cheery conviction I hear today. And keep it unconditional.

We wuv that you wuv us. We wuv that you wuv. We wuv you too.



17 responses to “Wuv”

  1. Badri says :

    Beautiful. A quote from Shamtaram comes to mind “Loving someone should be a one way street. Continue to love without expecting anything in return!”

  2. Mayur says :


  3. daddysan says :

    @ Everyone: Many thanks for the wuv!

  4. Gayatri says :

    I wuv the way you put up Wuv

  5. Naveen Bachwani says :

    Great stuff! Wuved it…

  6. Dushyant says :

    Very good! What a nice read.

  7. blackwatertown says :

    Unless he was calling you Guv, in a an old-fashioned British police (The Sweeny” TV style.
    Because to him you are the Guv’nor.

  8. Atul Karmarkar says :

    What a beautiful post! I was visualizing my three year old nephew as I was reading this, and it reminded me of how he’s finding it difficult to pronounce R / Ra :)

  9. M says :

    I wuv this. I do.

  10. Purnima Rao says :

    What Saurabh said. What a lovely gift you are creating for your son….Beautifully written.

  11. saurabh somani says :

    “Notable exceptions are books and music. They’re not inanimate. They give back in indescribable ways.” – I’d like to add to that “and blogs. Especially your dad’s. Read it when you’re old enough to read and then again when you’re old enough to appreciate. And then again.”
    Lovely writing.

  12. Priyank says :

    Brilliantly written, as always!!!!

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