In passing

Christopher Hitchens

Steve Jobs

Dev Anand

Mario Miranda

Peter Roebuck

Har Gobind Khorana

Joe Frazier

Bhupen Hazarika

Dennis Ritchie

Jagjit Singh

MAK Pataudi

Shammi Kapoor

Amy Winehouse

MF Husain

Sidney Lumet

Elizabeth Taylor

Mike Starr

Uncle Pai

I may not have followed all of them faithfully but there was no denying I had partaken of their genius at some point in my life. 2011 got them all.

As I read of Hitchens’ passing today, the words of a prophet occurred to me. This prophet left us a decade ago but his prose full of wry wit, humor and genuine insight lives on. He had woven a charming tale around dolphins. Dolphins who were the second most intelligent beings on the planet (the most intelligent being mice). As the destruction of Earth neared, they tried to warn us but we misinterpret these warnings as barrel rolls, elaborate jumps and playful whistles for food.

If the world is ending in 2012, is this the final exodus of the dolphins? Intelligent beings who tried to warn us, educate us and we misinterpret their efforts as mere milestones in their glittering careers?

Will we wake up one day to find a gift-wrapped crystal bowl inscribed with the words “So Long and Thanks For All The Fish”?

I know it sounds silly, but it was just a thought in passing….

End already, wretched year.


8 responses to “In passing”

  1. abhishekshirali (@abhishekshirali) says :

    Moving away from the many wise men that passed away, Kim Jong-il passed away today. Whether it was a loss or not, depends on your sensibilities I guess.

    • daddysan says :

      Thanks for sharing. Yes, I see your point about the sensibilities but unless one enjoys being brainwashed into years of submission, his death, while not something to be celebrated, will result in a few relieved sighs around the world.

  2. Just Mohit says :

    Vaclav Havel passed away today! :(

  3. Santosh says :

    Big freakin Whoop! I can feel smokin’ joe’s loss though

  4. Purnima Rao says :

    No no no. Don’t say that. There will be more. Or else, all of us will have to get off our arses & get collectively wiser.

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