Scumbag Steve’s advice on becoming a meme

I loved this particular open letter so much I decided to put it up here so I never, ever miss it.

Here’s Scumbag Steve, otherwise a gentleman called Blake, advising the victim of another internet meme, the girl in Annoying Facebook Girl on how to deal with her new-found fame.

The internet defines our social interactions today. It also has a humorous, inventive and at times, vile underbelly. When you put them together, it has the ability to break you apart when you’re not looking.

Scumbag Steve and Annoying Facebook Girl are two memes I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and when Blake writes “they’re just relieved it’s not them” I’m in agreement. I’m relieved it’s not me. That, is the scary power of the internet and also the reason we eagerly participate in its witch-hunts.

There’s standing on the shoulders of giants and then there’s firing from the shoulders of giants. Both are immensely satisfying.


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