What Your Google+ Share Count Means

So there’s this thing called Google+. STOP LAUGHING! I’m serious. Yes, that “new” social network which is almost a year old has now been cross-sold and shoved down our already Google-infested throats.

This is what my Google Reader looks like today

Notice anything? I can either “+1” this (on Google+) or, (hold your breath, close your eyes…arre do na!)……….SHARE THIS ON GOOGLE+!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you mean it’s the same thing? Of course it’s not!

There are more options! You see I can also EMAIL IT! That way I know it will lie ensconced comfortably between a deposed Nigerian prince’s 4 Billion “dolar” fortune and the latest in car-size reduction pills.

Now surely there must be some simple quirk or setting to reactivate the other sharing features on Reader. Where else would I like to share, you ask? Oh, I don’t know….that multi-billion dollar stolen idea run by that insufferable douche from Harvard…Face-something. Or perhaps that Twatter, Tweeter thing everyone keeps wasting precious office hours on?

But Google haven’t made it easy for me to find such an option, have they? No. Possessing very little patience, I’ve decided to just carry on with Reader. There is a problem though. I like to curate content and share counts are my first line of defense against reading articles which may not be interesting. This means I must use Google+ share counts to figure out how viral a post is! HOLY JESUS ON A POGO STICK!

I’m not easily daunted so I looked around for some empirical clues.

My previous post

Or one of my most popular ones

Or perhaps,The Oatmeal

Based on many such observations, I have compiled a Google+ Shares vs Viral-ity graph with some helpful benchmarks.

PS – I’ll be watching the G+ shares on this post very closely….


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7 responses to “What Your Google+ Share Count Means”

  1. Vinothan Suppiah (@ranggie4) says :

    Ok folks. Hold your horses. I think I got it licked. I just realised what’s missing Daddy San. You forgot to enable to the ‘Send To’ option.

    Do this please, on your Google Reader, go to Settings > Reader Settings and then go to the Send To tab, check your poison and voila, start spreading your disease to the welcoming world :)

    • daddysan says :

      Gahahaha welcome welcome! I was eagerly waiting for you to weigh in :)

      Yes, I remember you mentioning this option and I’ll reiterate, why in the world has Reader not made it a default sharing option without making us fiddle under the hood and enable it?

      They have an insidious (and partly understandable) agenda for Google+. For example, they recently lowered the minimum age and I think that’s great. However fogeys like me brought up on Facebook and Twitter will always resent this subtle push in the direction of Google+. It may work for their next wave of users.

  2. Patrix (@patrix) says :

    But…but…we were told Google was open.

    BTW people share blog posts on LinkedIn?

    • daddysan says :

      It’s Open the Hood yourself :) Yep, there is a fair bit of sharing on LinkedIn. In fact, their sharing and curation has really improved by leaps and bounds. I still feel pretty WTF-ed reading about Times of India-grade gossip from some business contacts, but overall the content is pretty good.

  3. madhav says :

    sharing it on google + ;)

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