Rest. You have a fever.

What’s a fever?

It’s when your body raises its temperature so it can kill germs.


Because germs don’t like too much heat, so when the body detects there’s germs, it turns up the heat.


There’s energy factories inside the cells of your body. They make energy. When the body needs to raise its temperature it uses the energy to make heat instead of sending it to your muscles. That’s why you feel tired.

So it’s like a factory with a chimney on top and nanobots running the factory. They decide where the energy should go.

Umm, what? Nanobots?

Yes, nanobots.

Ok. Nanobots. So as I was saying…

..but how do the nanobots make energy? Do they burn stuff in the factory?

Yes, the food you’re eating is the fuel they burn to make energy.

Hmm, so did the nanobots get formed when I was in mom’s tummy?

Yeah. Have you thought about whether the fuel came first or the fire?


When you were in mom’s tummy and the nanobots were first made, how did they make the first fire? If they need fuel to make the fire and fire to burn the fuel, which came first?

Hmm. See, mom must’ve eaten a Kit Kat at some point, right?

Ummm, yes I guess so….

So when she ate the Kit Kat, some of it went to me. The nanobots must’ve seen the Kit Kat but they don’t know it’s KitKat and it must’ve looked like wood to them.

OK, but that’s still only just fuel, right? Where’s the fire?

Yes. So they broke that wood into two pieces and rubbed the pieces together to make a fire.

I see.

So that’s how the nanobots made the first fire.

Sounds about right.

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