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Banglar King Kong

This thing has breached the sound barrier in awfulsomeness. I have never seen such a third-rate and thoroughly entertaining teaser for a movie.

Presenting, Banglar King Kong. Kanti Shah (of Gunda fame) looks like Martin Scorsese in comparison to the captain of this shitfest.

I’d love to know how much pocket-money financed this thing.

Some of my standout moments:

  1. The Kong himself. Especially his chest-thumping at 3:41. The sound that emanates from Kong must’ve been recorded from a viewer
  2. The crocodile at 0:55 appears to fart for some reason
  3. The lead girl going all Bangla on us with “Baaachao Baaaachao” at 1:08
  4. Girl with bananas at 1:47
  5. The random monkey that appears immediately after, as if some simian variety was needed to liven up the movie
  6. Girl-as-crazed-tribal at 4:57
  7. Kong laying waste to some cardboard at 3:20

It’s all priceless. I hope it recovers its investment so the director can go out and buy some ice-cream.

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